Free 1-Hour Sample Course

This one-hour course includes our self-assessment to help people pursue self-directed paths to success from inside of jails and prisons.

Preparing for Sentencing Course

Learn how to prepare an effective sentencing narrative. Help your judge understand why you’re worthy of mercy. We designed this self-directed course to help participants who want to position themselves for the lowest possible sentence. What you’ll get: Information on how the sentencing process works. Guidance on how to understand sentencing guidelines. Guidance on the pre-sentence investigation …

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Home Confinement Advocacy Course

Learn how to initiate judicial proceedings to advocate for a transfer of your loved one from prison to home confinement. This course is in continuous development. We designed this course specifically to help people who were trying to advocate on behalf of their loved ones who want to navigate their way to home confinement from …

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Character Reference Letter Course

This course will help you launch effective character-reference letter campaigns. Other people may know why you’re worthy of mercy, but they may not know how to write a character-reference letter effectively. What you’ll get: Video teachings on effective character reference letters. Sample letters to send to your family, friends, and colleagues. A series of sample character-reference …

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Sentence Mitigation Workshop

Sentence Mitigation Workshop This workshop teaches techniques to build an effective mitigation strategy before sentencing. The sentence mitigation workshop is part of the Straight-A Guide program. This course is specifically for people who want to work toward building a solid record that shows why they are worthy of mercy. If you do not have a …

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