Sentence Mitigation Workshop

Sentence Mitigation Workshop

This workshop teaches techniques to build an effective mitigation strategy before sentencing.

The sentence mitigation workshop is part of the Straight-A Guide program. This course is specifically for people who want to work toward building a solid record that shows why they are worthy of mercy. If you do not have a strong record of community service, use this course to help you prepare for a solid mitigation plan before sentencing. If you’ve already been sentenced, we recommend that you purchase our Ten-Steps to Succeed from Jail or Prison course.

What This Course Offers:

  • Teachings on both the art and science of self-advocacy.
  • Guidance on how to understand sentencing guidelines.
  • Guidance for building a record that shows the value you bring to your community.
  • Strategies in response to anticipated accusations regarding a lack of remorse.
  • Ideas and templates to follow.
  • Video tutorials from mitigation experts.

This self-directed workshop will assist your efforts to build a compelling reason to show the judge (and others) why you’re worthy of mercy.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee to those who do not find value in this product.

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