Intake Quiz

The video coincides with the spreadsheet available for download here. We created this tool as a kind self-directed “risk assessment” for people in jail or prison to determine their readiness to emerge successfully.

Please print the download and work through the questions. Look for strengths and weaknesses in the scoring. Participants can use the spreadsheet as a tool to assess steps they may take to put themselves in a better position for success.

A good start, however, would be the initial assessment we created. There are no right answers, no wrong answers.

Please take your time to respond to the following questions.

  1. What does success mean to you?
  2. What have you done over the past week to make your commitment to success self-evident?
  3. What opportunities do you expect to open as a result of the pathway you’re engineering to success?
  4. Who do you consider to be your audience, your market?
  5. In what ways will your “market” value your efforts?
  6. How does your process relate to science?
  7. How does your process relate to repeatability?

 A participant may want to retake the exam at the conclusion of the course to determine whether there is been any positive development in mindset as a result of the Straight-A Guide Introductory course.