Welcome to the Course

We’re glad to offer this course as a resource you can use in preparing an advocacy package for your loved one in prison.

As you likely know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made prisons unsafe. The Attorney General of the United States issued a series of memorandums that directed the Bureau of Prisons to transition people to home confinement.

Unfortunately, the Bureau of Prisons is frequently slow to act. We’ve created this course to show you what members of our team would have been doing if we were still in prison. We went through many challenges, and those challenges prepared us to advocate in ways to get relief.

No one can guarantee what the Bureau of Prisons or the judicial system will do. But if a person doesn’t advocate, it’s unlikely that authorities will grant any relief.

Our experience has been that if we want relief, we have to bring an element of pressure on adversaries. By filing in court, we can apply pressure.

This course will give you resources to help.