Welcome to the Course

Welcome to the Course

The simple video above shows the origins of this course. I’m writing to thank staff members in jails and prisons for reaching out with this opportunity to contribute. It takes a lot of courage to allow a man who served 26 years in prison to contribute programming materials. I hope the men inside find value in the message.


Michael Santos

Learning Activities

For each module, complete the following exercises:

Vocabulary Exercise:

  1. In each module, write down 10 words you did not know.
  2. Use a dictionary to look up each word and write the definition next to the word.
  3. Practice saying each word out loud, correctly.

Critical Thinking Exercise:

  1. Return to the module and read the sentences and paragraph sections where you looked up words.
  2. Think about what you learned by looking up the words.
  3. Does understanding what the words mean bring you a new understanding of the meaning in what you’re reading?
  4. As your understanding of vocabulary increases, are you relating to the course content differently?
  5. Next to each word, write down what you learned from reading deliberately.