Wrapping Things Up

We’re hopeful that you’ve found value in our Sentence Mitigation Workshop.

If you have financial resources, we encourage you to enroll in other specialized courses that will help you. We’ve designed courses to prepare our members for each stage in the journey.

If you’ve gotten this far, it’s likely that you have a defense attorney. Still, it’s incumbent upon any defendant to do everything within his power to prepare for best outcomes. No one should work harder than you to advance your prospects for success.

Have you done everything within your power to prepare for the best outcome?
At the end of the day, you must remember that you’re about to make the biggest sale of your life. Prosecutors aren’t always out for justice. Sometimes, they want vengeance. They get gold stars in their careers with resumes that show how they succeeded in persuading judges to sanction people severely.

Don’t take my word for it. If you run a Google search on the prosecutor that prevailed over my case (Google Portia Moore and Michael Santos) you’ll see her new law firm of Davis Wright Tremaine. Under the experience tab, Portia Moore still cites my conviction—even though the conviction took place in 1987: United States of America v. Santos.

Tough sentences are sources of validation and career advancement for prosecutors.

Make sure that you’re doing everything to counterbalance efforts prosecutors will make to advance their careers at your expense. They may want a severe sanction. They may want to take your liberty.

You must decide if your lawyer is doing everything within his power to advance your prospects for mercy. You must introspect and think if there is more that you can do.

We recommend a multi-prong approach when it comes to preparing for sentencing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re facing a sentence for a traffic offense, or an offense that could lead to many years in prison. If you’re facing sentencing, you should create a comprehensive strategy. We’ve designed the following courses to help anyone that authorities have charged with a crime:

Sentencing Prep Course
Sentence-Mitigation Video Project
Character-Reference Course
We wish you the best possible outcome.


Michael Santos and Justin Paperny